81% of MSPs Don’t Provide Payment Security.
93% of Their Customers Think They do.
Both are 100% Liable.

Secure Payments audits the risks associated with PCI 
compliance and secures your MSP and your downstream 
customers in 60 days or less.
Secure Payments Portal
Enjoy a single pane of glass view of your customers’ PCI compliance status from a centralized portal.
Industry-leading Payment
You and your clients will feel peace-of-mind with the industry’s most secure payment technology.
Payment Support
Our dedicated team operates the infrastructure, handles customer service and resolves support issues.

Implied Risk. Zero Control.

All MSPs provide cybersecurity for their customers and most assume this includes payment security. The problem is MSPs lack the visibility and tools to identify and resolve the risks associated with PCI compliance. The end result is assumed liability to the MSP and lack of awareness to the downstream customer.
You may even already use a system like Compliance Manager by RapidFire Tools. However, as necessary, and as good as these tools are, they won’t help you with this part of PCI compliance. These tools cover the network side: firewall, AV, password manager, documentation, and software updates. Great job!
However, this leaves the merchant side vulnerable—unless, of course, you're already partnered with Secure Payments. Only then can you be confident in offering comprehensive protection.
That’s because not only does Secure Payments cover the hidden piece of the PCI compliance puzzle: there is no other company that does. So, unless you're a Secure Payments customer, you're not fully covering your customers' PCI compliance needs. At least not 100% of it.
#1 Data Risk
Credit card data is the most coveted information for theft—and the most overlooked by MSPs who lack the visibility to protect it.
It Only Takes One
A single non-compliant customer puts your MSP at risk of fines and penalties and reputation damage.
Costly Hidden Fees
Fines range from $5k to $100k per incident. This means if the fine is $50k per incident and the stolen credit card is used at the same merchant 6 times, their fine would be $300k.
Loss of Customers
Your customers think you’re protecting them. If you wait until another MSP identifies this or they’re breached, they will blame you.

Give your Customers the Payment Protection they Already Expect!

Secure Payments empowers your MSP with a turnkey program that allows you to protect your customers.

Done For You

Feel confident your customers are protected with a team of payment experts doing the work on your behalf.

Risk Visibility

Gain insight into your risk exposure without becoming a PCI compliance expert.

Cost Savings

Optimize processing fees to potentially save your customers money and eliminate non-compliance penalties.

Attract New Business

Add PCI compliance to your cybersecurity stack and attract new customers with an audit.
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Getting Started with Secure Payments is Easy

We Audit the Risk
A dedicated payments concierge contacts each of your customers for a 15-minute assessment.
We Review the Results
The results are delivered to your customers in a color-coded, easy to understand report.
You Sleep Better at Night
Your customers are secured and compliant within 60 days or less.
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What Our Partners Say

  • Will Slappey
    CEO, IT Voice
    “Before Secure Payments, we had no cohesive way to measure the payment security risk for our customers. We knew that the pandemic drove more of our customers towards electronic payments but we didn’t have any visibility into their payment gateways. Now, we have not only fully assessed the risk but we have proactively handled gaps in PCI compliance for several clients BEFORE there was an issue.”
  • Ryan Grimes
    President, My IT Indy
    “I simply sent an introductory email to my customer list and the Secure Payments team did the rest. I sleep much better knowing that my MSP and customers are secure from an electronic payments standpoint and, in some cases, we even helped some of our customers save a little bit of money on their credit card processing fees. This is win-win and well worth the initial investment in the program!”

Be the Security Expert Your 
Customers Expect

We know you want to provide your customers with the best advice and security. The problem is your customers likely assume you handle all technology matters—including areas outside of your view, like PCI compliance and payment security. This makes your already demanding job more difficult, if not impossible. You shouldn’t be blamed for payment security risks completely outside of your scope and control.

But are you really the security expert if you allow your customers to have gaps? At Secure Payments, we believe payment security should be handled by the security and technology experts—you. That’s why Secure Payments exists—to be an MSP’s expert resource and partner. We’ll identify and mitigate your customers’ payment security risks, and achieve and maintain PCI compliance for you and your customers in as little as 60 days.

9 Questions Every MSP Needs to 
Ask (and answer) About their  
Customers’ PCI Compliance

Managing your customers’ PCI compliance is complex, but can’t be ignored. With accelerating cybercrime that’s targeting payment information, your customers are at more risk than ever. Download our free checklist so you can identify the threats.

Defend yourself and your customers with the industry’s leading payment security solution:

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