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Vanguard Cyber: Eliminating SAQ Stress with a PCI Compliance Partner


Vanguard Cyber began by offering ransomware remediation for clients and is now a full-service managed service provider. Like most MSPs, the company has a layered stack of security products. It is now a complete technology solution provider, 100% committed to making sure business owners have the most reliable and professional IT service.


Vanguard Cyber
Interviewed: Sam Vance, Member at Vanguard Cyber LLC
Established : 2019


With PCI compliance becoming increasingly important, many cybersecurity insurance providers now require customers to be PCI compliant.

Vanguard Cyber's customers approached the company, wondering if it was PCI compliant. The company's team then decided that it needed to offer a solution in that regard. Secure Payments presented itself as a great option and a valuable addition to Vanguard Cyber's compliance services.

"Secure Payments appealed to Vanguard Cyber as a valuable addition to its compliance services." - Sam Vance, Member at Vanguard Cyber LLC.


Vanguard Cyber was caught off guard when a large, local company approached them with PCI DSS Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) documents from their merchant. The company was unsure of how to complete the questionnaire, and its IT department declared it a business function, putting the responsibility back on the company.

Vanguard Cyber stepped in to help the client complete the questionnaire, which revealed that they were not PCI compliant. The client then turned to Vanguard Cyber for guidance on achieving PCI compliance.

Completing the SAQ for clients is very time-consuming for most MSPs who get involved in this process. Mitigating PCI compliance problems is a challenge that the management at Vanguard Cyber knew they needed help with from a partner like Secure Payments.

"The concierge service provided by Secure Payments made client onboarding seamless." - Sam Vance, Member at Vanguard Cyber LLC.


Vanguard Cyber found that the concierge service provided by Secure Payments made client onboarding seamless. By simply sending an email to its clients inquiring about their PCI compliance concerns and offering a free assessment, Vanguard Cyber was able to connect interested clients with the Secure Payments team, who then scheduled appointments and conducted assessments.

Additionally, Vanguard Cyber leveraged the free Secure Payments marketing materials available through Powered Services, ensuring consistent messaging about PCI compliance across its website and social media channels.

Vanguard Cyber places great importance on ensuring continuity with its marketing and branding. When the company’s prospects receive PCI-compliance-related marketing and then navigate the company's website, they see this expert-level content, which greatly increases conversions.

Many clients elected to move into the Secure Payments platform, which saved them money on processing fees and potential hidden non-compliance fees. The cherry on top was that Vanguard Cyber, as the MSP, didn't have to move a muscle.

All in all, Secure Payments has been a great addition to Vanguard Cyber's services portfolio. The program has saved the company more time, enhanced its customer service and helped market the brand as PCI experts in today's highly competitive market.

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